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No more worries for DHL Christchurch

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No Worries is a programme that helps workplaces to better understand, and respond to, people experiencing mental distress.

Designed and delivered by people with lived experience, their free workshops across the country change workplaces’ minds and processes by factoring mental distress into the equation.

One of their most recent successes has been with shipping company DHL.

In August and September, the No Worries team delivered three “Understanding and Responding to Mental Distress” workshops to seven DHL managers across their Christchurch sites.

Since the training, their managers have made some big changes, such as:

- introducing an open-door policy to managers for all staff, enabling them to share what’s happening in their lives

- appointing leaders who are willing to talk openly about their own challenges, reducing discrimination and silence around mental distress experiences

- creating spaces within their work sites where people can gather and connect with each other on a regular basis

- ensuring their staff have access to lots of resources and support when things aren’t going so well.


Tracey Lowe, a manager at DHL Christchurch, found No Worries’ training and workshops really helpful.

“We spend more time with our workmates than we do with our families, and if people are struggling, the workplace is usually the first to notice changes in behaviour.

“People don’t need problem solvers, [they] just need someone, sometimes to listen to them.”

Other managers participating in the workshops had rave reviews for the No Worries team, especially the workshop’s facilitator Lisa Archibald.

“Lisa is very knowledgeable on the subject. It is a difficult topic to understand and wrap your head around,” one manager noted.

“Lisa was great. She gave excellent examples and was very open about her life experiences, which helped us to understand more,” said another.

Other comments included how easy it was to broach the subject of mental distress, and that they found the discussion points, positivity and open communication tools the training offered enjoyable.

Would you like to book a free workshop for 2020?

Read more about the No Worries programme here, or get in contact with the team at noworries@peerzone.info to express your workplace’s interest or thoughts.